You are your own best air-meter

Everything that burns produces CO2. With TenderFlame, the levels are always well within what is referred to as health levels. This also applies to the largest burners. TenderFlame table lights, lanterns and table burners do not use up your air. You are your own air meter. If you have a living room full of guests, it does not take long before one of them notices that there is dense air. Then it’s up with the window or balcony door. Fresh air – new oxygen – and everything is as it should be. 

  • Nature is smart – and does not allow us to breathe bad air. Our focus is to eliminate the risk of substances that can be harmful.This applies to the invisible particles from combustion and CO. 
  • How:When our steel wicks burn, the combustion is almost complete. This means that the flame is clean. The test results we present are based on normal circumstances, which means that they are relevant in relation to how people use flames at home.

About the tests

Our tests are performed by reputable laboratories in Norway and abroad. They primarily compare TenderFlame with wax candles, tealights and larger log candles.

CO2 is a natural part of the air and a central part of the carbon cycle. When substances containing carbon burn, this produces CO2. We also get CO2 by breathing living organisms. Aerosols are microscopic droplets – acting as evaporated particles.

  • CO – Carbon monoxide in air is primarily a result of incomplete combustion of carbon. High levels of CO are toxic and very dangerous.    

Our flames burn clean!

After extensive testing*, our flames have shown values that are far below what are standard values for combustion in a home environment. At near complete combustion, water vapour, CO2, negligible concentrations of aerosols and fine particles ** and CO *** are formed.    


  • Lilly 8 cm burns 100 times cleaner than one tea light in a tea light holder  
  • Lilly 10 cm burns 16 times cleaner than one tea candle in a similar holder  

* Swedish Testing (RISE), Myco – Team Norway, TüV Rheinland Germany.    

** We have the best test result on fine particles where aerosols and soot are also included.    

*** Our burners provide only a 25th of the recommended level – up to 25ppm (parts per million) is acceptable for workplaces – 9ppm at home.