Clean safe and very smart!

Nature is wondering – so are we. In the same way that the plants draw water up into the stems, we can lift up a woven metal wick.

Our steel wick

The prerequisite for this capillary effect is that the liquid heats up to over 104 degrees and becomes thin enough that it “flows upwards” The TenderFlame products have a patented steel wick. It never burns. No maintenance is necessary. It is probably the only week that has a lifetime guarantee as well. It is not possible to make the wick burn alone – nor is it possible to make the fuel burn without the wick. They just burn together. During complete combustion, there are no odors, soot particles, or anything else that pollutes the air we breathe.


We have performed extensive tests at reputable laboratories in Norway, Sweden and Germany. TenderFlame burns clean! If we compare the flame in a tea light with a corresponding TenderCandle the tea light “soots” 8 times over one TenderCandle. This soot is actually unburned carbon, so more oil is emitted from a tea light than from a TenderCandle. 

Non Toxi and safe

TenderFuel is non-toxic, you can pour it straight into the sink. There are no storage restrictions, you can safely store any volume at home. TenderFlame burns clean and gives a bright light, just like a tea light. You do not get fire on TenderFuel – you can even pour fuel directly on the flame without danger – it will probably extinguish. 

Yes, TenderFlame is 100% safe to use. It does not mean that you should not follow the user manual and treat the flame with caution. 

It is always a responsibility to light a fireplace or a cozy candle. Keep children and pets away – and do not allow TenderFlame to burn unattended. For almost 10 years, TenderFlame has made friends and customers throughout the Nordic region and Europe.